Virtual Signing Event with Anne Stokes! (Facebook Event)

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We are so excited to announce Anne Stokes’ first ever virtual signing event with us here at Jaded Heart!

For safety’s sake, Anne hasn’t been able to do half as many signings as she normally would throughout the year. We were very lucky back in February to have managed to go ahead with our event, but many fans have been left disappointed at not getting signed and personalised merchandise this year.

So we thought we’d bring the magic to you – virtually!

On October 3rd at 4pm (BST), we will be going live with Anne Stokes for a Q&A whilst she signs and personalises lots of gorgeous merchandise for you all!

We will be shipping internationally for the first time ever, and we cannot wait to spread some magic through Anne’s incredible artwork!

The full range of products available for this particular event will be added to the website soon, so keep an eye out for that update!

More information can be found on our Facebook page: